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if you're thinking about giving up, or giving in, or stopping your fight to live - don't. it's hard and you're gonna feel like you can't fucking do it anymore, but i'm promising you that you can. you're your own fucking superhero. you're the master of your own body, your own world, and maybe that world isn't a very nice place right now. maybe your streets are barren and your trees naked and your highways crumbled - but remember that things get bad before they get better. and they will. i promise. no superhero doesn't have their own tragic backstory. you just gotta get through it. live to see the end credits.

talk to me if you ever need help.

who are you?
i'm alisha. i drink a lot of coffee, swear too much, and live by tim mcgee.

things i like in here:
drarry anything, nice messages, ASK GAMES!, people who want or need advice, people who just want to talk about anything at all ♥

things i don't like in here:
hate, "promo for promo?" (unless we're friends and both near a goal) or "follow for follow?" or "will you follow me?", anything already answered in my full faq

The great Smuag taught Alisha how to regrow their bodies, but sadly he was just a dragon and not a Dumbledore. He was only able to teach Alisha enough so that  her body would become that of a stick figure and Lexi’s that of a fluffy chihauhau. Sadly, as Alisha was learning, severeal spells backfired, leaving the world in a crudely drawn MS paint-esqu aesthetic. Amazingly enough, the sun continues to smile. Maybe its the hatah-shades she wears.


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